Just Say "No"

“You’ve gotta keep control of your time and you can’t unless you say no. You can’t let people set your agenda in life.” - Warren Buffet


“No” is one of the first words we learn to say as a young child, but somewhere along the way we forget how to say it. Saying no to the things that due not serve our bigger picture for our life is vital to your health. Below are tips for saying no polite and firm.

Tips for saying no:

  • Does this serve the vision I have for my life

  • “No” is a complete sentence

  • Give yourself time to respond, don’t just immediately say “yes”

  • Shift your mindset from “They can’t function without me” to “everyone benefits from me having healthy boundaries

  • Make your “no” kind, truthful and firm

  • Start with appreciation, then “no”, and end on a positive note

  • communicate your “no” in your preferred method of communication

  • Give an alternative with your “no”

What tips have you used to set boundaries in your life?

Back to School Overwhelm

It is back to school time, no more worrying about summer child care or entertainment, but for many moms a time of overwhelm and stress, as they try to do all the things. On top of that normal work schedule you now need to get the kids out the door on time, pack lunches, send snacks, get sports equipment, be at games, help with homework, the list goes on and on. How can you stop the overwhelm and instead enjoy the stage of life you are in. Here are three tips to get ahead:

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 10.22.39 AM.png

Check in with Your Body

Before climbing out of bed and rushing off to the morning to dos take a minute to see how your body feels. Are you waking up already tired? Dehydrated? Do you need better quality food? Do you have aches and pains or imbalanced hormones that desperately need attention? Take a moment to notice these things and then pick one action step to do today that will help you care for yourself in a problem area.

Say “No”

Limit your commitments! Only say yes to things that allow you to live the life you desire! This of course requires knowing what that life looks like and what your core values are. If you need help with this reach out to us, we would be more than happy to help point you in the direction of resources to help you figure this out.

Regular Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care not only helps with this everyday aches and pains, but more importantly it helps balance your nervous system, allowing your body to function optimally. This means you will be better able to handle those everyday stressors to begin with. Call today to set up your appointment!

How do you handle the school year overwhelm? Share your tips with us in the comments.

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Exercising Dangerously

I have been trying to avoid poking the hive but alas I feel its an imperative now. We have had too many patients coming into see us with low back injuries that have precipitated after exercising. These aren’t small sprain/strains either, they’re structural problems that these people will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. I’ll admit, and even adamantly say, that we need to exercise to stay healthy and prevent injuries. But it seems that there is terrible information and training at some very popular and/or trendy places around the country. It is my job not only to help those that become injured but to help prevent them from injury in the first place. In my attempt to properly educate our patients in what they are and are not supposed to do, I’ve met stiff objection, and blind faith in those that have trained them. It must be nice to have subjects professing allegiance to something they do not fully understand.

I will be explaining some physiological reasons as to why no one--yes--NO ONE, should be doing some of these work outs. I can and will reference research as well, but that would be overkill as seeing our physiology is understood fully already. The workouts that I would like to ban are as follows: over head squats, Romanian dead lifts, good morning stretch or workout, and Roman chair extensions. All of these workouts have a common theme: trunk flexion. There is something called the flexion/relaxation phenomenon. When we break 70 degrees of flexion our trunk stabilizer muscles such as: quadratus lumborum, psoas, and multifidi, turn off. Our large locomotor muscles: gluteus and biceps femoris, turn on. Essentially, we are relying on our structure not muscle to support us.

This is where we damage discs and ligaments as this is where most of the force is absorbed. Once the damage is done our neurological recruitment changes. Our spinatus muscles, which are small muscles that run from spinous to spinous, act like transducers to tell our brain how much tone is to be applied to larger muscles to protect the lumbar spine. It has been proven that after trunk injuries and/or chronic pain is perceived in area of the lumbar spine this neurological mechanism fails to be accurate. Absolute proper form must be performed in order to achieve what these workout are designed to do. But when we exhaust our muscles we tend to recruit improper kinetic chains which result in injury. It is easy to observe proper form but not to know for certain which muscles are being recruited without a needle EMG. That is to say, why don't we eliminate the potential for failure before we start. There are, however, useful exercises for the core and lower limbs which can prevent injury that do not involve truck flexion. Most do not require an enormous amount of weight and they can be incorporated with other exercises. I believe we keep these large lifts around as a way to measure up or compete with one another. Some of this has been reinforced culturally and some has been instilled with a cultish power that is beyond my comprehension.

I understand our goals can differ from another but we all should have safety and accurate teaching as guidelines. Once passing this information on, I receive staunch unsubstantiated rebuttals. I’m still waiting for a decent argument regarding heavy trunk flexion workouts. My purpose for this is to stimulate and inform. I challenge anyone reading to do the research and to question the safety of the exercises that you perform. I would urge everyone to check credentials of any trainer that is in charge of your work out, and to make sure they have a qualified background to guide you. A weekend seminar and piece paper is not sufficient to properly understand and protect your health and well-being. - See more here